Summer Lovin’: our best BBQ recipes

May 26, 2015
by Trisha Eat

    homemade hamburger recipe

    Good day foodies!

    I hope you all feel relaxed and well rested after the long weekend. No doubt some of you bravely pulled out your barbecues and prayed for good weather, so you could enjoy a cool beer and a burger in the garden. Alas, not everyone was blessed with beaming sunshine, but have no fear, as June approaches, so does the sun in all its Summer glory. At the Fresh Farm we are pumped for a barbie, so we are sharing our best BBQ recipes with you.

    Like the look of this smokey, homemade hamburger? It’s one of our recipes in next week’s box. This bad boy is accompanied by chunky, rustic chips and a peanuty carrot slaw. So fresh and so nutritious, it’s the perfect combo for your barbecuing needs, and man is it easy! Before you start sinking into the sense that this is just your average burger, and you have had it all before, imagine the meeting of a pork burger and a slightly sweet demi-brioche bun. On top of that we have laid a generous slice of exquisite Monteray cheese. Mouth watering yet? I think so…

    Want to give this recipe a cheeky sample before you BBQ it for lots of people? Order your recipe box before midnight on Wednesday this week, and we will deliver all the ingredients to your doorstep.

    Smokey Chicken Skewers with Corn and Potato Salad 

    Chicken Skewers with Corn and Potato Salad recipe

    Chicken skewer Cajun style is a guaranteed winner at any barbecue. Make sure you use chicken thighs instead of breast for extra succulence and flavour.

    Chillibeany Fajitas with Citrus Soured Cream (vegetarian)bean fajita recipe

    If you’re a vegetarian and you’re tired of the standard veggie sausages that are provided when you go to barbecues, try this sensational bean fajita recipe, with sweet paprikas and a good old dollop of sour cream to bring it all together.

    Lamb Kofta with Almond Cous cous and Cucumber Saladlamb kofta recipe

     If lamb is your soulmeat, then wack a couple of these homemade koftas on the grill. People will go crazy for the flavoursome spicy mix of quality lamb packed with cumin and cinnamon. Pair this with a fresh cucumber salad and some cous cous, be-cous you’re worth it!

    Summertime Salad with Shredded Chicken and Homemade Croutons

    shredded chicken salad recipe

    Sometimes too much barbecue meat can be just too much. For those gentler folk among us who wants something a bit lighter to enjoy under the Summer sun, how about next week’s shredded chicken salad with homemade croutons? As filling as a big old pie, with its black beans, chicken breast, feta and baby spinach, you won’t need a second dinner after this sumptuous salad!

    You can try this one for a healthy dinner next week, by getting one of our classic recipe box. Or if you want to see all our recipes, check out our amazing archive.

    Happy barbecuing guys!


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