Top 10 Autumn Chicken recipes

September 17, 2015
by Trisha Our Recipes

    #10 Roasted Chicken with dijon sauce

    Roasted Chicken with dijon sauce recipe

    To me, roast chicken is the ultimate soul food. When you cut into it and steam curls its way out… Appetising and hearty, this chicken recipe is topped with a creamy dijon and thyme sauce. It’s melt-in-your-mouth, swoon-all-the-way-to-the-last-bite kind of food. A perfect autumn treat.

     #9 Souk-ulent chicken tagine with apricots and almonds

    Souk-ulent chicken tagine with apricots and almonds recipe

    How about a bit of an escape from the dreary autumn weather? This spicy, sweet chicken tagine recipe with the crunch of almonds and fluffy cous cous will transport you to the Souks of Morocco in no time. With authentic Moroccan flavours like Ras-El-Hanout, mint and red chilli it will warm you right up.

    #8 Chicken and Pandan Infused Rice

    Chicken and Pandan Infused Rice recipe

    Fancy some more South Asian chicken recipes? We have a great Malaysian chicken recipe for you! Have you heard of Pandan? It’s a leaf that’s indigenous to South Asia and it adds a great flavour to rice! Try this succulent chicken recipe – super nutritious and delicious!

    #7 Chicken Tikka Masala

    chicken tikka masala recipe

    Even though curry hails from the shores of India, the UK is famed for having a lot of love for the stuff. As one of our favourite dishes, we couldn’t leave out this mouth-watering chicken tikka masala recipe. For those days, when you need a boost – give this dish a go!

    #6 Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Yellow Bean Sauce

    Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Yellow Bean Sauce recipe

    My favourite thing about this chicken dish, is the subtlety of the flavours. It’s perfectly seasoned and spiced, but without being potent. Great for kids!

    #5 sticky marmelade chicken

    homemade sticky marmelade chicken recipe

    Sticky barbecue chicken is a huge hit in the summer months. For autumn, we’ve kept the sticky, sweetness of the barbecue but with the more comforting marmelade tang. Our sticky marmelade chicken recipe is a winner with rice, carrots and courgettes by it’s side.

    #4 Pan fried chicken with lentils and vegetables

    pan fried chicken with lentils and vegetables recipe

    Lentils are packed with flavour and protein! They are a great way of adding depth to your veggies. Give our chicken and lentils recipe a try to spice up your normal routine.

    #3 Pan-Fried Chicken with tarragon sauce

    Pan-Fried Chicken with tarragon sauce recipe

    Tarragon is a rather underappreciated herb, which is a mystery to us, because it’s so tasty! Its works exceedingly well in a creamy mustardy sauce with chicken! Thus why, our Pan-fried tarragon chicken recipe is in the top 3

    #2 Chorizo crusted chicken

    chorizo crusted chicken recipe

    Here’s one for the Spanish food lovers. We love chicken. We love chorizo. So, we thought, why not combine them? Our Chorizo crusted chicken recipe proved a massive hit, if you haven’t tasted it already – you should!

    #1 Chicken Yakitori

    chicken yakitori recipe

    Of all the awesome autumn chicken recipes – this one has been the most popular! There is something about eating chicken with your hands that makes it taste even better! It looks pretty fancy with the skewered chicken and yet it’s so simple to make and so delicious to eat! Try our chicken yakitori recipe – it’s number 1!

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