Who’s behind the Fresh Times?

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Trisha is the chief storyteller at HelloFresh. A passionate food photographer – she’ll stand on tables, on rooftops and sometimes even on a few toes (… not on purpose) to get a pretty pic of something delicious.

Her spirit fruit is, and always will be the orange . As a child, her family called her Trisha “Jaffa Cake” Jones, because her normally sharing nature would go out the window as she greedily guzzled down a whole box. Having managed to curb this habit in past years, she is still partial to anything with a hint of orange.

Warning: It’s best not to offer her a single Jaffa cake… one is never enough and you may later discover a few sad looking crumbs where your jaffa cakes used to be.

When she’s not making the Fresh Times look spiffing, you can find her over at her baking blog, Sugar Thumb.

Read Trisha’s posts.

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Stefanie is a food guru. As the founder of Food Fix Up – a tasty app that provides healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes – she is not only a fantastic cook and recipe developer, but her ability to style and snap food porn is off the richter scale. She is a true advocate of the connection between eating well and feeling amazing, and an amazing yogi.

She actually creates recipes sometimes (and work out how I’ll style them) in my sleep! She thinks it’s a sign that she might need to learn how to switch off from work – it sounds handy though! Her favourite veggie at them moment is the brussel sprout – who knew that those smelly soft things you used to eat at christmas would turn into crispy bites of awesome when roasted?

Check out her instagram to see her photos, recipes and amazing talent for yoga – oh the flexibility!

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Nia is a cheery member of the Fresh Farm team. She loves food but particularly sweet things – ice cream is one of her favourite things in the WHOLE world. One of Nia’s most nostalgic food memories is actually quite a sad moment, something she still remembers to this day. She was about 8 and had just been given the biggest portion of mint chocolate chip ice cream ever… The moment it fell to the floor after only one try was devastating. Luckily, Nia got over the trauma and has now moved on.

Nia says that if she were to be a vegetable she would be a sugar snap pea. They are versatile, sweet and handy to have around!

Read Nia’s posts. [/column] [/columns_row]

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