An Apple Crumble Recipe with an Indulgent Twist March 21, 2017

by Trisha Eat
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    At HelloFresh, we love apple crumble. Traditionally, crumble is reserved for fruit like apples, berries and pears. But, if you think about it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that adding a bit of deep, dark chocolate to the mix will add yet another layer of deliciousness to this already exceptional dessert. Apple crumble has crunch. They’ve got a good bit of melty butter in the crumble and the apple is often delightfully tangy. Adding the creaminess of dark chocolate gives you a range of textures that’ll have you ooohing and ahhhing until the bowl is empty.

    Next time you make an apple crumble, break up some dark chocolate and add it in. You won’t be disappointed.

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    5 Rooky Errors People Make with  Apple Crumble

    1 Not preboiling the apples

    Some people simply slice the apples up and lay them in a baking dish without stewing the before. To bring out the tangy, juicy goodness of an apple, we’d advise adding some water to your apples and boiling to make a delightfully bubbling crumble. The soft apple stew is so great as a contrast to the crunchy crumble.

    2 Not adding enough butter to crumble

    If you don’t add the right amount of butter when you’re making the flour, butter and sugar into crumble, you won’t get that golden brown, crumble and it’ll be too powdery.

    3 Adding too much sugar to apples

    When you cook the apples, the sugars come out naturally. Only add a little bit of sugar, because you want to maintain the tangy flavour of the apples, again – for contrast with the sweet crumble and chocolate.

    4 Not spicing the apples

    When you’re stewing the apples, add a cinnamon stick and it’ll add a lot of flavour to your apples. Remove the cinnamon stick before putting the crumble together.

    5 Not eating it fresh

    In the movies, you normally see that steaming hot pie coming out of the oven and everyone’s eyes light up. That fresh crumble is a million times better than a day old or even store bought crumble.


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    Happy cooking!