A Father’s day Breakfast

June 19, 2015
by hellofresh Eat
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    Father's day breakfast at HelloFresh

    While my dad loves a bacon sandwich as much as the next person, he has always had a relentless sweettooth. As Father’s day is all about pushing the boat out for your dad, this is the recipe I came up with. No cereal nor a fried egg will do on this day. And this is really easy not to mention pretty darn seasonal; in many ways the perfect father’s day breakfast!

    You can use normal bread for french toast if you like, but I like to use brioche. Makes it more French (and by French… I definitely just mean sweeter…). I also think, that while you can definitely buy rhubarb jam from the supermarket, making this from scratch is so much nice and it takes about 15 minutes extra. What’s better, a delicious cold jam… or a delicious steaming, sticky, hot homemade syrupy rhubarb jam? I would say the latter for sure. So get down to the shop, buy yourself some eggs, brioche, sugar, rhubarb, milk and nutmeg and cinnamon if you’re feeling extra fancy. For the method – scroll down.

    French toast with rhubarb jam

    french toast recipe

    rhubarb - seasonal recipe

    rhubarb season

    eggs at HelloFresh

    french toast recipe

    French toast with rhubarb

    Happy Father’s day weekend!


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