How to Make Cooking with Pals Easy November 7, 2016

by Trisha Learn


It’s Movember which means more than just giggle inducing facial hair. At HelloFresh, a lot of our customers love the convenience that HelloFresh gives them in their busy lives. Well, we all know how it can be when you’re busy with work and exhausted when you get home and it feels like there isn’t any time to see your friends. But man is not an island, so I wrote this post to give you some great inspiration on some easyyyyyy recipes to cook when your pals come over to hang out this month. To find out how you can host your own Movember event, click here and get their guide for a good night in.


Make Cooking Dinner for Friends Simple:

1. Divide the ingredients

Get each person to bring some of the ingredients, so there isn’t pressure on one person’s credit card or time.

2. Cook with them, not for them

Whack on some music, get the recipe up on your phones… and get to cooking. Check out our 25 minutes recipes below  – I’m sure you’ll be finished in 15… because many hands make light work!

3.  Laying the table

If you’ve got someone in the group who can’t cook , won’t cook – they’re on table laying duty. They’re not getting out of the fun!

4. Pre-made playlists are simple

I know, I know, there is so much pressure for good music… but you don’t want to have to muck around with your Spotify while you’re trying to have some quality time with your pals. So here are our favourite Movember playlists:

Chilled FeelGood

Rock N Roll

Feel Good Indie

Reggae Vibes

“Like A Baws” – Sorry… the name is just too good to skip.

Pure Pop Joy

5. Choose Simple Recipes

Let’s face it, when you’re in good company, Michelin stars aren’t important. These recipes are delicious, simple and super easy to make.

Love these recipes?

You can find 1000s of easy recipes to cook with your friends in our recipe archive.

See More Recipes



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