6 Reasons to Eat Less Meat with Vivera

October 5, 2020
by Hattie Eat

    Here at HelloFresh when we read meat-free, we don’t read compromise. That’s why we bring you six vegetarian recipes to choose from on the menu each week, that are just as delicious as our meat recipes. Even the meat-lovers will want to give these a try. 

    This week, we had some pretty exciting news as we introduced our first recipe featuring alternative meat from Vivera! 

    Our Loaded Potato Wedges features Vivera’s Plant Based Mince

    The long-standing veggies out there will know Vivera well, but if, by chance, you haven’t heard of them, the team at Vivera aim to help people make changes to their diet with the most delicious plant-based “meat”. We caught up with their experts about why we should eat less meat. 

    So, next time you’re contemplating what’s for dinner and scrolling the HelloFresh menu, keep these in mind! 

    To try the delicious veggie alternatives

    Trying something new keeps dinnertime exciting, and exposes us to new flavours that we might love and regret not having tried sooner! From Loaded Potato Wedges and Plant Based Mince to Upside Down Loaded BBQ Potatoes, there’s plenty of deliciousness to choose from. 

    To help the planet

    These upside down loaded wedges will fool any meat-lover

    Eating less meat helps lower carbon emissions, and while you’re already doing a great job by shopping with HelloFresh – the first global carbon-neutral meal kit, we all know that meat is a huge contributor. 

    For more energy

    Fancy a comforting aubergine curry?

    Food is fuel regardless of whether you’re a die-hard carnivore or full-time vegetarian and while everybody is unique and needs a different amount of vitamins and nutrients, there is evidence that by eating less meat, your body doesn’t have to use as much energy to digest your food. 

    It creates room for even more healthy foods

    Halloumi, Pepper and Sweetcorn Tacos with Chipotle Mayo

    In a similar note, by swapping out meat for further veggies, you’re stocking up on an important source of nutrients. Win-win, we reckon. 

    You’ll discover more delicious recipes

    Warm Lentil Salad with Honey Roasted Butternut and Minty Feta

    By dedicating even just one weeknight to cook vegetarian, you’ll automatically have your eyes peeled for new and exciting recipes. Try swapping out a go-to recipe every now and again for something new from our veggie range, simply look for the “veggie” label on the recipes. 

    It’s easy!

    Yasi Yaki Udon Noodles

    With six vegetarian recipes to choose from each week and fantastic meat alternatives from our friends at Vivera, trying a vegetarian or flexitarian diet has never been easier. Plus, it’s pre-portioned and delivered straight to your door, with step-by-step recipe cards. You’re welcome! 

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