5 Risotto Recipes That Are Easier Than Pie February 14, 2017

by Trisha Our Cooking tools
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    Hello risotto lovers! Welcome to my collection of our most delightful risotto recipes. They’re perfect to warm you up in this cold, cold weather we’re having. Mmmm… my mouth is watering already! The great thing about these risotto recipes is that everyone from beginners to pro cooks can make these and love them.

    Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments!

    Cheesy for Treat Day

    This dish uses orzo, a rice shaped pasta ideal for risotto-style dishes. Combined with creamy mozzarella and succulent cherry tomatoes from our friends at the Tomato Stall… what more could you want? Our orzo is made by Delverde who use mineral water from the mountains in their pasta, which in our opinion creates something really quite special.

    Pan Fried Cod with Lemon

    Fish and risotto are two things that a lot of people, including some HelloFresh cooks, seem to be a bit wary about cooking. So, Mimi made this for them to show how simple (and delicious) it is to cook both of them. You can do it!


    Broad Bean with Balsamic Tomatoes

    Anyone say broad beans? Charlotte, our veggie buyer, loves these green British beauties, so begged us to squirrel them into one of the dishes this week. Our chef, Victoria, accepted the challenge and voilà, a delicious cheesy broad bean risotto!

    Leek and Courgette with Pine Nuts

    We’ve been told that the best and sweetest peas come from Kenya. However, Monsoon season has hit and has left our peas in a sorry state. Patrick made this risotto gobbled the lot before we could take a new photo with the courgettes instead of the peas (naughty chef), but you’re gonna love it!

    A steamy dish of rich mushrooms, succulent artichokes and citrusy thyme risotto is exactly what the doctor ordered. There are rumours flying around that risotto is difficult to get right. Well, Victoria’s made it super easy for you to become the risotto master you’ve always dreamed of. No time to delay – get cooking!

    Download Recipe

    How our Chef Patrick Cooks Risotto

    Here’s our caramel shallot risotto as cooked by our chef, Patrick. A lot of people find that adding the stock to the risotto is the part where it all falls apart. Patrick says you should always have your stock in a pot that’s keeping warm on the stove, that you can add in throughout. The reason being that if you use cold stock, the temperature of the risotto will be going down and up again constantly, which makes for poorly cooked rice. Check out his video for more tips.