5 Quintessential Quinoa Recipes May 27, 2016

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1.Oven Baked Chickenwith an Orange and Sesame Quinoa Salad

This lovely late summer salad is bursting with great flavours and nutrients! For this Quick Dinner we combined simple, citrusy and tangy flavours with fresh herbs to create a dressing with an oriental flare; who knew that making a healthy dressing could be this easy and delicious?! It works perfectly with the chicken and the lovely Peruvian ‘pseudo-grain’- Quinoa; which if you didn’t already know is naturally gluten free and contains nine essential amino acids. So, unload your food box, get your dinner forks ready and go for it!



2. Bodacious Black Bean, Halloumi and Quinoa Salad

Quinoas never been in such good company! Not only is this Mexican inspired, bodacious black bean, halloumi and quinoa salad very quick to make, but it will leave you wanting more. More of that succulent halloumi marinated in paprika and more of this fresh sweetcorn, straight from the cob – not a can in sight!


quinoa 2

3. One-Pot Vegetarian Chilli with Quinoa

This delicious dish has a bit of a twist – quinoa (yes, cooked in the same pot as the chilli)! It still contains all of the beloved flavours you know and love but with some new earthy cinnamon tones, add to this some hearty kidney beans, and you have one very satisfying and nutritious meal. Go for it!



4. Danny’s Courgette Quinoa Patties with Minted Yoghurt Sauce

Danny (our accountant/bean counter) has been hitting the gym recently, so he loves to sneak in a bit of extra protein into his diet wherever he can. Recently he’s been spicing things up in the kitchen by mixing high protein pseudo-cereal quinoa with all the freshness of grated courgette and the vibrant colour of turmeric.


halloumi and quinoa

5. Sumac Halloumi with Quinoa and Cherry Tomato Tabbouleh

The star of this evening’s dish is a little known middle eastern delicacy called sumac. Made from the ground berries of the sumac plant it has a great citrusy, tangy flavour that perfectly balances against the creaminess of our halloumi. For this recipe, we combined the halloumi with couscous and fresh herbs to give you a palate-cleansing taste, whilst making sure you’re still lip smackingly satisfied. Go for it!



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A very well prepared idea, My son told me to look at Hellofresh and he will be trying it out this week. I will see how he gets on with it.

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