5 Ideas for Creating New Christmas Traditions

December 1, 2021
by Hattie HelloFresh Christmas

    Ideas guaranteed to spread cheer. 

    2021 is the perfect year to create new Christmas traditions with the help of HelloFresh. Here are some of our favourite suggestions for sparking festive joy throughout December. 

    Make a wreath 

    Choose from your favourite winter foliage or get creative with homemade dried fruit decorations. A statement piece that is uniquely yours, a Christmas wreath is a great activity for the whole family to get involved in. 

    Become your own bartender

    Shake things up and invite friends and family over for a festive evening. Try asking each guest to bring the components of their favourite cocktail or mocktail so everybody can get involved in the fun and maybe you’ll even discover a recipe that sticks for years to come. For inspiration, give these Christmas tipples a try.

    Try these festive chocolate recipes

    For a cosy evening in, blast the Christmas music and give these chocolate recipes a try. Easy and affordable, these treats make great stocking fillers. Our DIY Chocolate Bark recipe is a great choice to try if you’re looking to entertain little ones. Have them swirl the chocolate and create their own unique design – just be careful when the chocolate is first melted, it’s hot!  

    Discover your new favourite Christmas film Boissons chaudes originales

    We all have that go-to favourite Christmas film that sparks all of the feels no matter how many times we’ve watched it.  But, when was the last time you discovered a new one? As a new tradition, why not host a screening of the latest Christmas films and discuss your reviews afterwards. Combine the evening with these DIY Hot Chocolate recipes and you’re on to a winner. 

    Order this year’s Christmas Box 

    Order by: Sunday 12th December

    Repeat after us: forgetting to defrost the turkey or dashing to the supermarket for last-minute ingredients does not have to be a Christmas tradition. We all know there’s always something on the big day, but with our Christmas Box we make mastering the perfect Christmas feast easy. 

    2021 is all about enjoying quality time with your loved ones and thanks to our easy to follow recipes and a timing plan you know it’s all going to turn out great, meaning you can focus on enjoying Christmas day to the fullest. How about that for a new tradition. 

    Plus, we only purchase what we need from suppliers and everything in your box is pre-portioned to the gram so you can indulge without waste for a sustainable Christmas. 

    From a show-stopping main course with all the trimmings to a decadent dessert and cheese board platter, we’ve got it all covered. Take a look at the full menu.

    Hungry for more ideas to make this festive season the best yet? Take a read of these…

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