5 Guys Dish on The Perfect Date Night In July 7, 2017

by Trisha Our Recipes
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    Planning the outfit and recipe to impress both a new crush or your old flame can be a bit… stressful. Have no fear – the Flavour Generator is here. Four HelloFreshers chose the perfect recipe in seconds using the Flavour Generator  and some swish new outfits from the The Idle Man to get them looking good. Here’s what they picked

    The James Bond Type: Elliot

    Elliot is known in the office for being a bit of a charmer – and it’s no wonder with his choice in jackets and dinners.

    “Playing on my delicately maintained public image of the kind British gent, I input the following into HelloFresh’s flavour generator – “British” and “Sweet”. It decreed that my date night would be accompanied by HelloFresh’s Confit Duck Leg with Carmelised Apples, and one assumes, also my girlfriend. Throw in the IdleMan’s Barbour Beacon Sport Lightweight Jacket, for not merely the ultimate Bond-like Brit look, but the thinking-man’s wipe clean waxy protection, for the messier gent.”


    The Beach Type: Damian

    Damian is our resident kiwi, he’s gone for a slightly more relaxed look – to be fair wearing a jacket indoors on a dinner date isn’t necessarily for us all – with these Havaiana flip flops and a Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken with Saffron Spiced Freekeh and Zahtar.

    “The perfect date is sitting in my flipflops in the summer sun, sharing a fresh, light Middle Eastern feast”

    The Tropical Type: Ollie

    Ollie is one of our buyers and he comes from a long line of cooks – so he knows his food which is why he’s chosen this delicious Tomatoey Spinach Quinoa Curry with Gooseberry and Mustard Chutney and Cooling Yoghurt   and these tropical shorts to match.

    The Spicy Type: Tom

    Tom is clearly worried about rain during his date night in! He’s gone for our spicy Chicken Shawarma with Dukkah Courgettes and Chickpeas  and The Idle Man’s Yellow Rain Coat.


    Got a Date?

    Check out The Idle Man for the outfirt and the Flavour Generator for something to cook. Sorted.