4 Ways To Cook Purple Potatoes

October 5, 2016
by Trisha Our Cooking tools

    purple potato recipe

    1. Our Cheat’s Fish Pie

    This month, our veggie of the month is the oh so regal purple potato! Intrigued? I thought as much. Well then you can try our Cheat’s Purple Potato Fish Pie by ordering next week’s Family Box. The kids won’t believe their eyes!

    purple potato recipe

    2. Patrick’s Purple Potato Nicoise Salad

    Salad Nicoise is a classic, but it sure ain’t purple! Well, our chef Patrick reckons there’s always room to shake up a classic. If you agree, give his Purple Potatoe Nicoise a go.


    purple potato recipe

    3. Our Rosemary Glazed Chicken Breast with Purple Potatoes and Buttered Leeks

    Feel like a cosy night in with some good home cooked grub? This purple potato mash goes to esquisitely well with our rosemary chicken, you’ll wonder why you ever ate the non-purple kind. In fact, we can deliver everything you need to cook this for dinner next week – just order our Classic Box and it’s on the menu for next week!

    purple potato recipe

    4. Our Veggie Shepherd’s Pie (v)

    If you’re a vegetarian – well we’ve saved the best for last, of course! Our Psychedelic Shepherd’s pie, full of mushrooms and sweet potato, will delight your taste buds and your eyes with its vibrant purple top!


    If you love the idea of eating purple food – like we do – give purple sprouting broccoli a try.


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