4 Fabulous Sri Lankan Recipes That All Curry Lovers Should Try

June 8, 2017
by Trisha Eat

    If there’s one thing we Brits love, it’s a good curry. We love our vindaloo, our korma and our tikka masala with a pile of steamy basmati rice and a stack of garlic naans at the ready. If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know our head chef Patrick is in Sri Lanka to find our customers’ favourite curry recipes with a Sri Lankan twist.

    Dish #1: Prawns with Limey Dressing

    Ready in 30 minutes

    This week it took him to one of the country’s most famous landmarks, the mighty Sigiriya rock. After taking in the breathtaking panorama from the top (check out our Instagram to see the story!) he headed down to the plantations below and cooked up this beautiful prawn stir fry in a ramshackle mud hut. Find out which ingredient in tonight’s recipe could hold the secret to eternal youth by watching this video.

    Dish #2: Sweet Potato Coconut Dahl with Pumpkin Seed Salsa 

    Ready in 40 minutes

    Patrick’s Sri Lankan adventure took him all the way to the ‘Coconut Triangle’ where he not only cooked this dish, he was also determined to climb a coconut tree and retrieve his own ingredients. The reality was a lot harder than the locals made it look!

    Dish #3: Fish Curry with Yellow Rice

    Ready in 30 minutes

    Our Spice of the Month is Sri Lankan Curry Powder. This week Patrick made his way to the southern coast where he met the local stilt fishermen. As he cooked this curry on the beach the tide came in and threatened to wash his makeshift kitchen away!

    Dish #4: Herby Turmeric Chicken with Toasted Coconut Courgette Pilaf


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