14 Tasty Recipes You Won’t Believe Are Less Than 400 Calories

Trying to cut back without compromising taste? As always, taste comes first, so these delicious recipes are all about maximising taste and minimising the calories. Our pick of recipes all clock in at less than 400 calories per serving, proving that you don’t need to indulge in high-calorie foods to enjoy delicious and tasty food.

1. Chicken Salad with Asian Slaw with Radishes and Curried Croutons (344 kcal / serving)

This delicious salad is all about fusion. Those mild curry flavours contrasted with a super fresh, zingy salad will make your fork freak out and your tastebuds jump for joy. And you know what else is so great about this recipe? It’s seasonal and radishes are our Veggie of the Month.

2. Roasted Salmon with Garlicky Tomatoes and Crushed Potatoes (362 kcal / serving)

Did you know that oily fish is absolutely perfect for boosting your brain and memory power? Luckily for you, salmon is an oily fish! After you’ve cooked this roasted salmon with our sweet tomatoes and crushed potatoes, your brain will be very happy with you. Enjoy your dinner!

3. Duck Breast with Kohlrabi and Lentils (325 kcal / serving)

At the Fresh Farm we love to create recipes that will make any home cook feel like a Michelin starred chef. We feel this recipe fits this brief brilliantly! Orange glazed duck with high end restaurant, but tonight you’ll find it gracing your humble kitchen!

4. Pan Fried Tilapia with Panzanella (366 kcal / serving)

Panzanella is so popular in Italy, that in the 16th century it even had a poem written about it! We’ve paired it with some delicious tilapia which we’ve coated in flour before cooking, to make it lovely and crispy. Enjoy!

5. Nostalgia-Inducing Duck à l’Orange with Chicory and New Potatoes (294 kcal / serving)

For those old enough to remember the 80s it was a wonderful decade of shoulder pads and Filofaxes, that didn’t seem to care too much for style. A decade where the height of sophistication was a prawn cocktail starter eaten from a martini glass and dessert was a Viennetta. To relive those glory days, we’ve put a modern spin on the most classic recipe of them all: Duck à l’Orange. 80s themed clothes are optional, but recommended.

6. Pan-Seared Sea Bass with New Potatoes and Cucumber-Dill Relish (282 kcal / serving)

The star of this delicious dish is the sea bass from the guys over at JK Mayfair (who also supply fish to the Queen!). The trick with getting a crispy skin on your fish is to use a medium-hot pan, and while the skin is cooking, try not to move the fish… it’s that easy!

7. Aubergine ‘Al Funghetto’ with Grilled Butterflied Chicken (353 kcal)

Patrick first tasted this dish when arriving in the beautiful hilltop village of Grottaferrata, just south of Rome and asked a local chef to show him the recipe. It’s another example of that wonderful Italian ability to let a few fantastic quality ingredients speak for themselves and the addition of parsley gives it a sublime, fresh dimension. Rumour has it the aubergine tastes akin to a type of mushroom, which may explain why it is called ‘al funghetto’ despite being totally mushroomless!

8. Pan-Fried Sea Bass with Cherry Tomato Caponata (302 kcal / serving)

We love the instant gratification of food. The best things in life often take a long time to create, but a great recipe is the perfect antidote to long term graft. One minute it’s a picture and a few lines of text on a recipe card, 30 minutes later it’s sitting on a plate in front of you and 35 minutes later it’s gone! This one is definitely best enjoyed with a glass of something cold out in the fresh air.

9. Mexican Tomato Jumble with Spiced Citrus Chicken (358 kcal / serving)

Our wonderful greengrocer has sourced these sweet tasting red and yellow tomatoes, which we’ve combined with nutritious roasted sweet potatoes and the tanginess of lime to transport you all the way to the Mexican Riviera!

10. Grilled Haddock and Samphire (363 kcal / serving)


To celebrate the beautiful online series Tasteology, we put together a special recipe. Tasteology is a series that explores the science behind taste and combines crazy, beautiful film-making with comments from the world’s leading food experts. One of the themes in episode one is ‘foraging’ and nothing epitomises foraging quite like British coastal samphire! Watch the series whilst you eat tonight’s dinner at www.aeg.co.uk/tasteology

11. Chermoula Spiced Lamb and Minted Courgette Salad (375 kcal / serving)

Not so long ago Head Chef Patrick headed off to Morocco for a bit of recipe reconnaissance. Winding through the back streets of a local market with the scent of wood shavings, spices and charcoal grills in the air, he discovered a hole-in-the-wall eatery that specialised in chermoula spiced lamb. See the adventure that inspired this recipe at blog.hellofresh.co.uk/our-stories/morocco/

12. Herby Sea Bass with Salsa Verde (379 / kcal)

Oh salsa verde, you cheeky little green sauce that makes eyes widen with joy, jaws drop with disbelief and forks fall to the floor (in slow motion). You may be green and mistaken for a pesto of kinds, but a pesto you are not! You’re your own sauce through and through. Stay who you are salsa verde, HelloFresh loves you.

13. Seared Steak Salad with Chimichurri Dressing (302 kcal / serving)

Luke has a new hero in his life. The poster on his wall of Taylor Swift has been taken down and replaced with a picture of none other than Nick ‘The Knife’ Mellin. He’s one of the guys behind the family run butchers, Roaming Roosters, who support local native British breeds, care about animals and work in collaboration with other local farmers. Located in Lancashire, the gorgeous free-range meat from their farm is what’s hitting your plate. Check out how great these guys are at www.roamingroosters.co.uk.

14. Crisp Fillet of Bream with Cassava Chips and Brazilian Salsa (380 kcal / serving)

We’ve added a bit of Brazilian magic to this delicious fish dish. André’s revamped traditional British fish and chips with a latino twist – so get stuck into this fish and cassava chips!