14 Takes on the Classic Burger That Simply Turned out Delicious

If you haven’t already heard, we love burgers. A lot. There’s just something about these hearty, juicy, and cheesy wonders that keeps us coming back again and again. We rounded up our favourite burger recipes for you to try.

 Minted Lamb and Feta Burgers with a Crunchy Salad

For Da Vinci, it was Mona Lisa. For Banksy, Kate Moss. Down the centuries great artists have been moved to great feats of creativity by a beautiful muse. For Head Chef Patrick, that mythical muse is the burger. A thing of such delicious, dribble-down-your-chin simplicity, it can be re-invented time and time again to create the most divine dinner time results. For this little incarnation, he’s taken lamb mince and thrown in a Greek twist with a kick of minty freshness.

Ksar Char-Bagh Moroccan Beef Burgers

“What’s this Ksar Char-Bagh?” we hear you ask?! Head Chef Patrick recently did a recipe reconnaissance mission to Morocco and after spending some time in the mountains with the nomadic Berber tribes, he decided to treat himself to lunch at the beautiful Ksar Char-Bagh hotel in Marrakech. Their Moroccan spin on a beef burger left a lasting impression! Check out his Moroccan video diary on our blog.

Pork Satay Burgers with Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges

Satay is usually done with chicken, but we’ve gone a bit ‘out there’ and created our very own pork satay burger! When you add in the zinginess of the lime and the creamy crunch of peanuts – you’ve got yourself a burger that is beyond scrumptious!

Pork and Apple Burger with Rosemary Chips

Nothing makes us happier than respinning a fast food favourite into an equally fast, but healthy dinner! This time we’ve turned our attention to the trusty hamburger. No crazy additives or preservatives. Instead we’ve got the best pork we can lay our hands on from our butcher Nick ‘The Knife’ and added some homemade chunky chips. If you happen to have a slice of cheese in the fridge we won’t tell!

Chorizo Burgers with Red Onion Marmalade

Mention the word pilgrimage and most people will think of Mecca, Graceland and far flung monasteries. For Patrick, it’s all about the burger. For years he has wandered the world in search of the perfect recipe and though he has not reached his culinary nirvana just yet, he’s getting close. Combining the best quality mince with spicy chorizo, the trick to this burger is not to pack the meat too tightly.

Rosemary Lamb Burgers with Sweet Potato Chips and Sour Cream Dip

There’s nothing quite like taste and sound to spark nostalgia. When our fresh-faced Head Chef was at university in the West Country, his favourite indulgence used to be the juicy lamb burgers down at his local pub. Many a productive afternoon of revision was spent in the beer garden of the Hog & Badger eating these BBQ’d delights and washing them down with a refreshing soft drink (ahem). If you have time to light up the BBQ (and make a jug of sangria) it can only enhance the experience!

Smoked Cheese Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges and Rocket Salad

Oregano is one of the nation’s most loved herbs. But while we sprinkle it into pasta sauces and lasagnas with ease, our burgers are often lacking the stuff. Well, no more! This beef burger is as happy as can be with its new Italian buddy oregano. And don’t forget to add this amazing Stokes ketchup. It’s DELICIOUS!

Raiders of the Lost Beef and Mushroom Burger

Indiana Jones was a pretty intrepid guy, but even though he found the lost Ark and visited the Temples of Doom, he never completed a quest for the perfect cheeseburger. It’s a quest that Patrick and Sous Chef Rachel have taken very seriously, and this week they’ve come one step closer. Something tells us this isn’t their Last Crusade.

The Big Belazu Coriander & Cumin Chicken Burger

We love a challenge and turning badly made fast food style dishes into something healthy, delicious and (dare we say it) a bit gourmet is our speciality. This week’s Quick Dinner is this juicy chicken burger topped off with a beautiful Coriander and Cumin Paste from our friends at Belazu. Take that Colonel Sanders!

Protein-Packed Turkey and Feta Burgers with Skin-On Chips

Did you know turkeys were on the verge of extinction in the 1930s? There were only 30,000 left in the world! This was a result of overhunting as well as the fact that decreasing forest areas meant turkeys didn’t have anywhere to live. Conservation programmes saved them from extinction and today there are more than 7 million turkeys around the globe. Which is lucky as this turkey burger is too good to miss!

Cajun Halloumi Burgers with Chunky Sweet Potato Chips

For this recipe the secret’s in the sauce. The garlic sauce to be precise. Rather than simply chop the garlic into little bits (which doesn’t spread the flavour evenly), you’ll be using the flat of your knife to make a paste instead. It’s a bit cheffy, but when you taste the end result you’ll never go back!

Mushroom, Aubergine and Cheese Burgers with Olive & Red Onion Salad

Burgers are one of the most satisfying things you can eat and being a vegetarian shouldn’t mean you’re left disappointed. These hearty burgers are packed with gorgeously flavourful roasted vegetables and topped with creamy cheese. Sandwiched in a nutty, wholemeal bap and with a simple, but effective, olive and red onion salad.

Hearty Veggie Burgers with Tangy Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Until recently Head Chef Patrick thought that his search for the perfect burger was a solitary, carnivorous affair. Until Kelly came along. Kelly is our one of our vegetarian chefs and like Patrick, her thoughts are often filled with bun-sandwiched possibility. For this recipe, she decided to use the heartiness of kidney beans and lentils together with the smokiness of paprika to create a delicious, soft-textured burger with a fantastic crispy edge. We recommend keeping a little cheese back at the end to top it off.

Curried Lentil Burgers

Every week literally thousands of you wonderful cooks give us feedback on our recipes via the little questionnaire we email to you. And every week our Renee reads through every single answer (we’ve given her a comfortable chair and as much tea as she likes to ease the process). A lot of mentions have been coming through about creating a hearty veggie burger so Patrick headed into the kitchen and this tasty number was the result. Let us know what you think!

Defrosting Mince for your Burgers:

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