13 Things Only Hungry People In Supermarkets Will Understand

November 21, 2016
by Trisha Our Stories

    I genuinely fear going into a supermarket when I’m hungry. I find myself in a fragile balance between rage that makes me want to report everyone I encounter to some kind of commitee for ridiculous supermarket behaviour or pangs of hunger that make me want to throw a mini tantrum and scream wahhhhhh. If you recognise any of these, you’re my people:

    The Thoughts:

    1. How many samples is too many?
    2. I honestly don’t care if this is horse meat or actual minced beef right now…
    3. Even though this brand isn’t part of the BOGOF deal, if I pretend it is… and act all “Well, that is ridiculous!” will I get it free anyway?
    4. If this self service checkout asks for “assistance” one more time… I will cry.
    5. 3 types of cheese? That’s not too much. That’s normal, right? I love cheese. GIMME
    6. Is pasta with potatoes a thing?
    7. Am I too old to do that thing, where I eat the crisps, but then put the empty packet on the belt for them to scan?
    8. That man just took the last pasta sauce… why? Why cruel world?
    9. If I tackle him… would that be too much?
    10. Why do people insist on idly lingering in the middle of the aisle…? How is that a thing?
    11. Who invented plastic bags and made them literally impossible to open. LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!
    12. Could the man in front of me pack any slower?!
    13. No, but seriously, is he joking? There is no way he is that bad at packing bags. Am I being Punked? Ashton? Where are you?

    Supermarkets can be a bit mad…

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