15 Essential Ingredients for Italian Cooking

PRINT ME It’s fair to say that in Blighty, we’re massive fans of Italian food. From pizza and pasta, to risotto and lasagna – we’d miss it sorely if we didn’t have it in our lives. Our chefs – especially Patrick – are a tiny bit in love with real, home cooked, authentic Italian food, so to make sure you guys are really adding in those proper Italian ingredients into your dinners, they made this little list of 15 must…

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6 Reasons Why We’ve Joined Jamie’s Food Revolution

Join Jamie’s Food Revolution here We Agree that Education is Key When customers like Tom say things like ” I’ve learnt new things, grown in confidence, I use my kitchen every day, and I’ve been so much healthier”, we feel like all the work our chefs and team put into creating recipes that support people learning and growing in the kitchen is worthwhile. It puts a massive grin on our faces. Jamie’s Food Revolution supports food education programmes in schools, communities…

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